Features of iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Today, we’ll show you some of the cool things you can do with iPad Pro.


Turn your iPad Pro into a mini MacBook with Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard connects magnetically onto the edge of your iPad Pro. There is no need for Bluetooth pairing, and the keyboard draws power from the iPad itself. But there’s no need to worry about extra battery drain; Smart Keyboard is as efficient as it is ergonomic.

To connect:

To fold in typing mode:

To fold in drawing mode:

You’ll want the keys facing under, instead of up against the back of the iPad.

To fold in cover mode:

Smart Keyboard knows when you’re using it (when it’s connected magnetically to the groove just above the keyboard), and when you’re not, so the instant you lift the iPad from the magnetic groove, any accidental keyboard presses will not register to your iPad. Smart, Keyboard!


Pair and charge your Apple Pencil


Use Apple Pencil to annotate Microsoft Word documents

Apple Pencil integration is built into the Office apps, which you can download for free, and they work well with an Office 365 subscription. Simply open a document and tap on the Draw tab:

Once you select a tool, the Word app will allow you to draw anywhere on the document with Apple Pencil. And don’t worry about resting your hand on the touch screen while you draw. The iPad Pro knows when you’re resting your palm on the display, and when you are and aren’t using the Pencil. So you can scroll with your finger while still in Draw mode, and it won’t think you’re using the Pencil. No accidental lines!

The Draw tab is the same across all Office apps, including Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Use Apple Pencil for digital illustration

Adobe Sketch is a free app from the developer of the Adobe Creative Suite. You can use the basic tools for free, or pay for a Creative Cloud license to utilize the app to its full potential.


There are plenty more Adobe apps on the App Store, as well as other drawing apps from various developers. You can even draw and sketch in the Apple Notes app.


These are just a few of the advantages of using Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to get the most out of your iPad Pro. Stop in to test the demos for yourself!


ASMC Conference Day 1

 Most people think that we are an Apple Store. The truth is we are just your standard local business that has a contract with Apple to be able to sell and service their product with high standards. We have been an Apple Specialist and selling Apple in Appleton for the past 33 years and have been apart of the ASMC group since it started in 2004. ASMC stands for Apple Specialist Marketing Cooperation and has over 160 members all over the US and Canada who are just like us!

ASMC puts on about two conferences a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Right now we are in Austin, Texas for the Fall 2012 ASMC Conference. The conferences are always on how to better your business. Whether it is financially, marketing, or managing. We had our first talk from John Spence who is a great speaker about how to manage your business and how to improve it!

At night we had a small vender fair that was hosted by one of our distributors called Ingram Micro. They had Belkin, STM, Adobe, 3M, and Apple there. Belkin has a new product out that is a neat addition for your home! The product is called WeMo, it uses your in-home Wi-Fi to have your iDevices control what you plug in to it. For example, they have the WeMo Switch where you plug it in to an outlet, plug a lamp in, and then you can turn that lamp on and off from anywhere in your house with your iDevice! They also have a motion sensor switch and are coming out with baby monitors and more!

STM is a company that sells cases for your computers and iDevices. They are a company we have not really dealt with in the past but with their fast release of new cases, they are becoming a possibility. For the iPhone 5, they had cases ready to be released the day Apple announced that the iPhone 5 was coming out! Same with an iPad Mini, if Apple does announce it, they have prototypes of cases for an iPad Mini to be ready for when Apple does announce it.

We then were served a wonderful dinner, with a great dessert, and had a keynote speaker who had a great story! His name is Billy McLaughlin and he is a guitar player who has been on the Billboard list and multiple record deals. His story is that he was diagnosed with Dystonia about 13 years ago and it turned his life completely upside down! Dystonia is a neurological disorder that took over the control of his playing hand which put his career to a fast halt. Instead of giving up, he decided to completely relearn the guitar but with his other hand! Last night he played his most popular songs using his left hand, and played the only song he can anymore with his right! His story is inspirational and his music is nothing short of it also!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what we do today! Little insight, we are going to see Apple’s service center today, and have over 40 venders to visit tonight! Also give me feedback, if I talk about something and your really interested in having us carry the product, please let me know and we can get it in for you. Your feedback helps us a lot!!