Markup PDF Documents Using iPad or Mac

If you’re using an iPad or a Mac to sign a legal document, you can do so in a much easier fashion than printing the document, signing, scanning to your computer, and emailing back to the original sender.

For the iPad:

Open the email with the PDF attachment and long-press on the file. Then tap Markup and Reply.

Now you can use your finger or Apple Pencil to sign the document and send it back–all within the Mail app.

For the Mac:

Open the PDF file in Preview and go to Tools > Annotate > Signature. If you’ve already done a signature using your iPad, it will show up here. Otherwise, click on Manage Signatures…, then Create Signature.


Here, you can sign with your finger using the trackpad, or you can sign on a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera to take a snapshot.

Once it captures the signature, you can drag the image anywhere in the document.


When it’s in the right position, save the PDF, drag it into the email, and send it off!


Features of iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Today, we’ll show you some of the cool things you can do with iPad Pro.


Turn your iPad Pro into a mini MacBook with Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard connects magnetically onto the edge of your iPad Pro. There is no need for Bluetooth pairing, and the keyboard draws power from the iPad itself. But there’s no need to worry about extra battery drain; Smart Keyboard is as efficient as it is ergonomic.

To connect:

To fold in typing mode:

To fold in drawing mode:

You’ll want the keys facing under, instead of up against the back of the iPad.

To fold in cover mode:

Smart Keyboard knows when you’re using it (when it’s connected magnetically to the groove just above the keyboard), and when you’re not, so the instant you lift the iPad from the magnetic groove, any accidental keyboard presses will not register to your iPad. Smart, Keyboard!


Pair and charge your Apple Pencil


Use Apple Pencil to annotate Microsoft Word documents

Apple Pencil integration is built into the Office apps, which you can download for free, and they work well with an Office 365 subscription. Simply open a document and tap on the Draw tab:

Once you select a tool, the Word app will allow you to draw anywhere on the document with Apple Pencil. And don’t worry about resting your hand on the touch screen while you draw. The iPad Pro knows when you’re resting your palm on the display, and when you are and aren’t using the Pencil. So you can scroll with your finger while still in Draw mode, and it won’t think you’re using the Pencil. No accidental lines!

The Draw tab is the same across all Office apps, including Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Use Apple Pencil for digital illustration

Adobe Sketch is a free app from the developer of the Adobe Creative Suite. You can use the basic tools for free, or pay for a Creative Cloud license to utilize the app to its full potential.


There are plenty more Adobe apps on the App Store, as well as other drawing apps from various developers. You can even draw and sketch in the Apple Notes app.


These are just a few of the advantages of using Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to get the most out of your iPad Pro. Stop in to test the demos for yourself!