10 Highlights from the iOS 10 Announcement


Apple announced iOS 10 during the Monday keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It looks beautiful, and it’s packed with a ton of great new features you’ll enjoy. Let’s take a look at ten major highlights from the new iOS 10.



There are eight new features of the Messages app that were demonstrated at Monday’s keynote, but we’ll touch on the three that seemed to stand out the most.

Animations — Now when you send messages, an animation will fly across the whole screen. An example is when you send “Happy Birthday!”, colorful balloons will animate. With Tapback, you can instantly reply with one of six icons to show your friends if you like what they said, if you thought it funny, etc. And with the built-in “App Store for iMessage”, you can find stickers of Disney characters or clip art to attach to your message bubbles.

Invisible Ink — Send a text or photo that can only be viewed after swiping away specks of virtual dust concealing the content.

Emoji Text Replacement — Now when you open the emoji section of your keyboard, specific words that Messages highlights for you can be replaced with an emoji icon with a single tap. For example, tap on the highlighted word “basketball” to replace it with an emoji of a basketball.



Apple’s personal assistant is now open to developers. What this means is Siri’s functionality will no longer be restricted to Apple apps. With iOS 10, you’ll be able to say, “Hey Siri, get me a Lyft to the Chicago train station,” and Siri will open a bubble shortcut into the Lyft app. This will allow you to simplify the process of opening the app, filling in the information, and requesting a ride, all by using a simple voice command.


screen shot 2016-06-13 at 4.06.07 pm

Maps is smarter now, thanks to third-party app integration and improved location services. Search for a restaurant and book a table through apps like OpenTable, or request an Uber ride without leaving the app. Maps will also make proactive suggestions for where you’re likely to go and show the fastest way to get there.

Music and News Apps Redesigned


Apple News and Apple Music are getting overhauled with redesigns that improve ease of use and navigation. Categories and subsections are clearly outlined in bold font. The “New” tab in Apple Music has been changed to “Browse” with better organization, and the layout of the “For You” tab has been improved. The coolest new function added in Music is the ability to follow along to lyrics as you listen to a song, simply by swiping up from the album art.

Raise to Wake

A popular function in Android has made its way to iOS. Simply pick up your phone and the screen comes on, putting less wear on your Home button or Sleep/Wake button.

Apple Pay on the Web

Shop online faster, safer, and more privately. A new “Buy with Apple Pay” button will display on supported websites. Touch ID will most likely be integrated into this function as well.



A new preinstalled app has been added to iOS 10, and though it may be annoying to have another app that you can’t delete displayed on your Home screen, this app will be a useful tool in your home. The Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and raise your shades all with the tap of a button. Smart utilities are needed for this — WiFi-capable lightbulbs, for example.


The Photos app can now collect events like a weekend hike or birthday parties and compile them into a slideshow or even a video for you to remember those memories.

These and more will arrive to iPhone and iPad this fall when iOS 10 arrives. Visit Apple’s website to read more about iOS 10, or to sign up for the public beta when it becomes available.