How to Fix a Scratched CD With a Banana

How to fix a scratched CD with a banana! You may have heard of crazy fixing ideas in the past and you can add this one to the list. Although we here at the store have not tried it personally, (we have CD cleaners for that kind of thing…) we have heard great things about it working and thought we could give a little tutorial about it for you folks at home.

What you will all need: 1 ripe banana, scratched discs, glass cleaner, clean cotton cloth.

1. Find scratched CD. Obviously this technique will work the best with a minorly scratched CD. If your disc has been laying on the floor of your car or the bottom of the purse for months chances are this won’t revive it – but you can try.

2. Rub the freshly cut banana in a circular motion all the way around the disc.


3. Firmly wipe down with the inside of the banana peel. The wax from the inside of the peel will help fill the scratches.

4. Using the clean cotton cloth, wipe with moderate pressure in the same circular motion for about 3-4 minutes. This should clean the remaining banana residue off.

5. Spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean. Ta da! Your disc should look good as new. Make sure you take your time with the steps, that will help with the end result.

The photo is from Don’t Pin That, where you can go and read about the science behind why this works! Follow our YouTube channel to learn more helpful apple product tips and tutorials.


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