How To Quit Apps on Your iOS 7 Device

In this post we’ll be showing how to quit apps on your iOS7 device.  We know what you’re thinking, ‘why would I want to quit out of my apps?’.  There’s a few reasons you might want to make quitting your apps on a regular basis a habit.  If you notice your apps not running smoothly or randomly sending you back to your home screen, this could be a sign that your apps need to be restarted. It can also help you save battery life if you tend to visit a lof of pages and open many different apps at once and leave them running in the background. So quitting out of your apps once in awhile can help them run smoother, install updates, and improve battery life of your device.

If you are a heavy user you want to make sure you try to go through this quick process at least once a day. An easy time to remember is right as you are going to bed. You won’t be using the apps overnight, and the next day they will start fresh.  If you a light user try to quit all your apps at least once a week.  An example of a light user would be someone who uses a desktop or laptop computer for work but also has an iPad for personal use, but doesn’t use the iPad much.  Heavy use would include an iPhone you use on a regular basis and a work computer that gets used all day or most of the day.

It’s also a good idea to get in the habit of completely shutting down your devices once in awhile. If you have a work computer try and turn it off at the end of the day, same with your laptop.  This can help long-term battery life instead of leaving it on and/or charging 24/7.

The process of quitting your apps is totally easy.  When your device is on, double tap the home button.  This action brings up any apps that you currently have open. You can swipe left or right and see all the applications you currently have open.  By tapping the app on your screen you can then go into it from here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.19.53 PM


Once you find yourself in this view, you can then slide back and forth between apps easily and decide what ones you aren’t using that you can close. We recommend closing them all to be the most effective. You can always reopen apps.  Once you find an app you want to close, simply slide one finger straight up over the app to the top of the screen and you will see it disappear; this app is now closed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.50.13 PM


Once all your apps are closed your phone will return you to your home screen.

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Differences in the Latest Pages App

If you have had the Pages App for awhile, but recently upgraded you may have noticed that a few things are not like the others. Here we will explain a few of the differences in the latest Pages application, what to expect, and how to work around them.


If you have any documents that you’ve upgraded or transferred from the older version of Pages to the newest version, expect a few changes.  The new Pages doesn’t allow you to select background images simply by clicking on them anymore. (This only applies to images that were set to background in the older version of Pages that were then moved over) To get around this in the new Pages version without completely starting from scratch, place your cursor in the grey background space next to the object or image you want to select. Click and drag the selection box over the image and release; it is now selected.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 5.00.45 PM

The newer Pages version also limits movement with older background objects.  Instead of using the simple click and drag method, you now must use your keyboard to move the object into the position you want pixel by pixel.  This can be good news to you perfectionists out there, but it can also add a bit of time to any projects you’re working on.

Our best piece of advice is to simply select the older background object or image, delete it from the project, and insert a new one. That way you won’t be limited by these hang-ups. In the newer version you can select the format button in the top right corner and move your background images around normally as you did in the other versions.

How To Download the FREE Pages, Keynote and Numbers

The app store has so many great apps for your apple computer or iDevice that few people even know of.  Some of these great options include Pages, Keynote and Numbers. These apps are comparable to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. These apps normally run $19.99 per app but have now been made available for free with the last OS upgrade. Below we’ll show you how to download Pages, Keynote and Numbers for yourself.

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Open up the App store. This should be on your home screen of your iDevice, where it comes standard, or on your dock on your apple computer.

App Store

Along the righthand side of the App store there will be a featured selection of FREE apps for download. You will see Pages, Keynote and Numbers in that free section. If you don’t see them in the top 10 click on ‘See All’ on top of the Top Free window. It will open up the whole free apps list and you’ll find them there.

Top Free

Simply click on whatever app you want to download at the top of the window and just wait for it to download. Once the apps are downloaded you will be able to access them in launchpad and add or remove them from your dock. If you download the apps on your iDevice and can’t locate them, use your search bar to search for the apps on your device.  Here we can see the Pages, Numbers and Keynote all in the third row of apps in Launchpad.

Apps in Launchpad

If you open the apps to download and it says ‘Upgrade’, that means you already have them downloaded on your computer, and you can find them in Launchpad, or by searching for it on your iDevice through the search bar. You can feel free to upgrade your existing version. If you found the apps under the FREE section on the App Store, but when you opened it it lists $19.99, it’s because you have to update to the latest OS which offers these for free. You can find your system update by clicking on the ‘Updates Available’ icon (pictured in blue) at the top of your App Store window. Once you have updated to Mavericks, you can go back and find the apps for free in the App Store.

Updates Available

That’s how you can download the free Pages, Keynote and Numbers apps for your iDevice or Apple computer. You can find this tutorial video and lots of other helpful Mac product videos on our YouTube channel! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date product release information and tons of helpful tutorials.