10 Amazing Tricks Every iPad Owner Should Know!

10 awesome ipad tricks

1. Swipe two fingers across your iPad keyboard, it divides the keyboard for easy thumb-typing mode, much like a standard texting keyboard. You can also get to this mode by dragging the ‘hide keyboard’ button in the lower right corner up. Your wrists will thank us later.

thumb keyboard

2. Switch on Airplane mode while it’s charging, it will charge twice as fast.


3. Sync your iPhone/iPad with your bluetooth keyboard while you’re on the computer at work or home for quick texting or email responses.


4. Use the built-in level gauge found in your compass app to hang things. To get there, simply swipe left on the compass app that comes standard.


5. Invert your colors for nighttime use that’s easier on your eyes. Also a good option for the movie theater in case your phone goes off! Go to Settings> Accessibility > Invert Colors. Any photos or screenshots you take in invert mode will be normally colored.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 4.07.26 PM

6. Embarrassing text or message pop up while you’re showing something on your phone or iPad? Simply swipe right to left to get rid of it.


7. Make autocorrect work for you! Type an extra letter when typing a contraction. Finally some revenge against Autocorrect!


8. Double tap the spacebar to automatically enter a period and two spaces for the end of a sentence.


9. Have Siri set your alarms for you. Too tired to do all that work? Tell Siri, ‘Wake me up (in an hour, three hours, at 7am) etc.’ and she’ll do it for you. You can only have Siri set an alarm one day in advance. So don’t try to assign alarms for a week from now.


10. When adding a number or punctuation in a sentence, hold down the numeric keyboard option, then slide over the number or symbol you want. When you release your finger, you will be back at the regular keyboard.


There’s so many things to know when it comes to owning an iDevice. When used properly, they really can make our lives much easier. Do you have any other tricks that are worth knowing? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks Buzzfeed for some of the images. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we teach people how to better use their Apple products.


Uploading Home Movie from iMovie

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed by now that the ‘Export to DVD’ option is now gone from iMovie. Also gone are the CD/DVD drives in all new Macs. Probably a correlation there. Here are some options for sharing your home movies now out of iMovie.

If you have an Apple TV then this is a perfect opportunity to use it. If you’ve seen the newest holiday Apple commercial you’ve seen a boy send a family movie to the TV in the family room off of his phone…this is done using these new sharing options through iMovie and iTunes.

After finishing a movie in iMovie, click on the ‘Share’ option on the top bar of the window.

Share button in iMovie


In the ‘Share’ drop down menu you will be able to select from a variety of iLife Apps and other Apple programs to send it to. From here you can also just save the movie to your desktop by clicking on ‘file’ and send directly through email. Other options include sharing directly to Vimeo, Facebook, or YouTube. We suggest sharing your iMovie to the first option ‘Theater’.

Share options in iMovie


By sharing directly to theater you will be able to access and watch the movie on any of your synced iDevices including iPhone and Apple TV.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.34.44 PM


The same is true for sharing to your iTunes library. Once the movie is shared with iTunes you can view it by clicking on the ‘Home videos’ tab on the top of the Movies page and seeing it there. You can also access your movie library through your Apple TV on your home TV.

Home Videos iTunes tab


As weird as it is to think, the world is getting away more and more from CDs and DVDs. All new Mac products come without CD drives. You can always purchase an external drive if you can’t live without one, even an external blueray drive to take on trips and watch your favorite shows! Now you can successfully share your home movies through iMovie to all your other devices without having to burn the difficult discs!

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How To Clean Out Your Downloads Folder

Cleaning out your downloads folder and emptying your trash on a regular basis helps your computer maintain it’s processing speed. The less programs you are running at once, and the less files you have, the faster you can load new programs and windows! This concept makes so much sense but a lot of people forget to do it, or think that deleting files cleans them out. If fact when you delete a file it doesn’t disappear until you also delete it from the trash. The process doesn’t take a lot of time and makes your computer not work as hard.

To find your downloads folder, search your dock for a folder called ‘Downloads’. If you don’t find it there click on the ‘Finder’ icon on the opposite of the dock and click in the left hand column ‘Downloads’.

In your downloads folder you can drag extra files down into the trash. Hold down the ‘shift’ key while clicking on files to select a whole group at once. Otherwise hold ‘Ctl+A’ to select all, and drag all the files to the trash.

Double click on the trash can icon on your dock or desktop to open up your Trash. In the upper right hand corner of the window click on the ‘Empty Trash’ button. Make sure you want to delete ALL of the files in your trash! If you want to bring a file out, drag it back on to your desktop. Once you have emptied your trash you cannot get those files back.

That is how you clean out your downloads folder, or any other folder with files on your computer. Do this periodically and it will help your computer run faster and free up storage space. For more helpful video tutorials visit our YouTube Channel or seek further computer help like private lessons by visiting our website here! Thanks for reading! Have any tutorial requests? Post them in the comments below!