How To Change the Background on your Mac Computer

One of the great things about Mac computers is how you can customize yours to fit your style. This post outlines our latest video on our YouTube channel about how to change the background on your Mac computer. This tutorial is for Apple products only.

Starting on your desktop home screen, you’re going to first click on System Preferences in your dock (silver rectangle icon with gears). If the icon isn’t in your dock, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner to open the menu, then click System Preferences from there.

Possible locations for your System Preferences on your Mac

Possible locations for your System Preferences on your Mac


Once you have opened System Preferences, select the Desktop & Screen Saver icon in the top row. Make sure ‘Desktop’ is selected at the top of the next window, and you are ready to change your background. You have the choice of selecting  a default photo from Apple, a photo you have taken yourself that you have in your photos, or a custom solid color.

Desktop and Screen Saver window



To select a custom solid color, click ‘Solid Colors’ in the left column in the window. A color wheel will pop up and you can select whichever solid color you would like. Some people like this option because it de-clutters your desktop and makes it easier to see folders and pictures you have saved there.

No need to hit ‘save’ or anything, the changes go in to effect automatically. Exit out of the window in the upper left and you’re all done!

We also have this video tutorial on our YouTube Channel with a little more in depth information about formatting your photos as your background. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for Apple product and news updates!