Apple iPhone Release Event Overview


Today was a big day for Apple (and a lot of the tech world) as we listened in to find out what the latest batch of Apple devices would all include. And here is the roundup, opinion free and un-biased. We won’t be able to really decide how we feel about a lot of the upgrades until they are available for release and then we will be doing a ‘first look’ and making up our minds. But here’s what to expect within the next two weeks from iOS7 and the newest iPhone(s).

Image1. iOS 7 – Available as a free software update September 18th.  It includes a stunning new interface, reworked around a new modern ‘flat’ design, color palette, and functional layers with a subtle motion that make the update feel more alive.

It has hundreds of new features, and also will be including iMovie, iPhoto, iWork and other apps free of charge for the first time. With this comes the all-new iTunes radio, a free internet listening service based on your music activity and what you like on iTunes already.


 2. iPhone 5C – Available September 20th. This is the first time Apple has released two new iPhones at the same event. Made from a new colorful all plastic and glass design, the 5C has the same 4 inch retina display, front and back cameras, and up to 10 hours of talk time, and 10 hours of browsing time.  Retails starting at $99 with contract. This is going to be a super affordable option for parents of kids who need the latest and greatest and durable phone design.


 3. iPhone 5S – The most forward-thinking iPhone yet. Beautifully thin and light aluminum design like the 5, but upgraded to a 64-bit chip. In other words, it’s going to be fast. A home button with ‘Touch ID’ that recognizes your fingerprint unlocking your phone and making iTunes and app store purchases incredibly easy. Coming in gold, white/silver, and slate gray. Apple is now making their own line of soft touch silicone and leather cases in multiple colors for your iPhone for $29. Impressive new camera features with a f/2.2 aperture and advanced flash colors will be included. Also available September 20th starting at $199 (16 GB) with contract.


In other related news the iPhone 5 will come off the market completely and be replaced with the new 5C and 5S, the 4S will stay on the market as the new free upgrade for those with existing phone contracts.

We’ll be writing another blog post as these products hit the market to see how the new features pan out, and to see how they stack up against the past of awesome Apple products.