Why do local businesses choose Computer World?

At Computer World, we’re glad to work with a number of local businesses and fill their technology needs through our extensive line of Apple products.

BConnected, LLC, is just one of those clients that turn to Computer World for all of their computers and more. As a local social media marketing business, BConnected needs high-powered computers that can handle running multiple tasks at once and large files such as videos and high quality photos. We are proud to supply BConnected with all of the iMacs in their Appleton office.

In addition, Computer World can easily provide BConnected with any necessary service on their products due to the close proximity of our two businesses.

To learn more about how we are serving BConnected, check out the video below. If you would like to be featured as a Computer World client, please contact us!


Coming back with more video!

After taking a video hiatus since last fall, we’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be bringing back weekly videos from Computer World. Expect to see more Apple product¬†instructional videos,¬† product reviews and features.

We’re always looking for suggestions on what you want to see in our videos. So please, if you have a suggestion, send it to us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave it in the comments here!