ASMC Conference Day 3

Thursday October 18, 2012

Today is the last full day and boy was it full! In the morning we had a presentation from Apple, again can’t say anything from that, then we had John Warrillow talk about how to create a business that can thrive without you. For lunch we had a sit down lunch with vendors and after we did speed dating with them. We had about 25 vendors present to us in a short 3 minutes each about product and why we should stop at their table later that night. The afternoon was filled with how to improve your marketing and the do’s and don’t’s for social media information. The person who presented works for an Apple Specialist just like us and she always has amazing things for us to bring back and put to use for our own store!

At night, we had an even bigger vendor fair then the night before! This fair was sponsored by Ingram Micro and Douglas Stewart, two of our distributors. What is neat about Douglas Stewart is that they carry unique products, nice brands and they are located in Madison, Wisconsin! So here it is, my top 3 products from the night!

3. Seagate Slim External Hard Drive – Seagate came out with a new hard drive that is not like any other. It is about as thick as a pencil, has USB 3, PC or MAC compatible, and is still a 500GB drive! Another awesome feature is that it can back up your social media pictures with just a click of a button!

2. Ogio Women’s Bag Collection – Ogio is a bag company that has been around for awhile. Most people are use to seeing their brand through athletic bags. Ogio has recently come out with a women’s line that appeals to women of all ages! They have cute styles that make the bags look like a women’s dress coat and colors that stand out! The inside lining is now a silky polka dot and no longer a plain color.

1. Pure Screen Protector by BodyGuardz – The Pure screen protector is not just your ordinary screen protector. It is a glass screen protector that fits right over your normal glass screen! It is easy to install and neat to watch it slowly move out as it’s sticking to the phone! This protector doesn’t feel cheap and doesn’t even feel like you have a protector on it because of it being made out of glass. What is nice about these screens is that if you do drop it and break the protector (yes you can break it because it is still made of glass) they don’t make you purchase a new one at full price! Come to Computer World next week and check out Larry’s phone if you want to see what it looks like!

Friday October 19, 2012

Well that is it for the conference, Friday was all business talk and now we are just hanging out at the Austin Airport waiting for our plane and wishing we could stay down here in this warm weather for one more day to do golfing! Maybe next time.

Thanks for reading this week and I hope you liked the new product info!



ASMC Conference Day 2


Wednesday October 17, 2012

Our day started at 8:30 am with meetings all morning. We had David Meerman Scott come and talk to us about how to grow through social media and it is amazing how much social media has taken over in the past few years. Throughout the world he has seen a major decrease in advertising in paper, magazines, and TV ads and a huge increase in social media and web based advertising! We had a few other speakers that focused more in depth about business, something I don’t need to worry about :).

After lunch we were bused out to Apple’s Campus down here in Austin, Texas where they have their service department stationed. Sadly anything that was said in that meeting I am not allowed to share outside of that room. We did hang out with Apple employees and other specialist during a social hour and received a lot of great information to implement into our store. One little insight that I can give you is that we are looking to start selling pre-owned Apple computers! We are just starting to think of it so it may be a few months to create inventory and get things rolling.

When we came back, it was time for the Dr. Bott vendor fair! Dr. Bott is another distributor that we go through for those unique items that we try to find and carry in our store. Trust me, the vendors really delivered well this year! We also were served food throughout the fair and wow, I think this was the best food I have ever had at and ASMC Conference! It was a Texas feast, BBQ chicken, brisket, creamed corn, baked beans, mashed potatoes, mexican pizza, and mac and cheese! Sorry if I am making you hungry!

Well enough about the food and on to the top products of the night! I would have to say that there were around 50 venders who where there and the products were just unbelievable! So here it is, my top 5 products for the night starting of course at the bottom!

5. BackPack 2 from Twelve South – This is an updated product that has multiple uses now. We currently carry the originalBackPack in our store that is used to attach to the back of the iMac to hold your external hard drives to keep them out of the way. Now with the BackPack 2 you can still use it to hold a hard drive but you can use it to hold up a MacBook Air or an Airport extreme! The BackPack 2 has a cable management built in, and provides up to 4 pegs to help keep up your devices. What is also neat about this product is that you can attach it to the front underneath your computer to use it as a shelf for your phone, hard drive, or even the Apple SuperDrive!



4. Grid-It by Cocoon – The Grid-It is a very neat way to stay organized. It is a pad that has elastic bands with rubber in them to hold all your little trinkets in place. It can hold your cords, mice, flash drives, cell phone, iPods, gums, lip gloss, sunglasses, and more! the Grid-It comes with all their bags or you can buy the Grid-It separately. They come in all different sizes and they even have one that can go on your car visor! So instead of just throwing your earphones into your purse or backpack, put it in it’s particular place on the Grid-It!


3. Crux360 by Crux – The Crux360 is an iPad keyboard case. The nice thing about this case is that the viewing angles are unlimited! You can open up the Crux360 and literally open it a full 360, so you can leave it in laptop view or completely fold the keyboard behind the iPad and just use the iPad. This product is very durable and slim which is what people are looking for these days!

2. Extreme Cases from G-Form – You may have heard of G-Form being used as a clothing line for athletes. Well now they have come out with their electronics series. They make cases for the iPhones, iPads, and laptops. The best thing about these cases was the demonstration we received. The women took a handful of M&Ms and placed them in the laptop bag. She made sure to show us that she placed them in the middle of the case, closed it and then took a rubber mallet and at full swing, came down right on the case where the M&Ms were! She opened it up and the M&Ms were untouched, not even a chip off of one! She then proceeded to show the demonstration in the iPad case and a Kindle case! Check out this demo video if you don’t believe me!

And now, I saved the best for last!

1. Renew SleepClock from Gear4 – Gear4 sells speakers, docks, and accessories for your iDevices. The amazing product of the night was the Renew SleepClock alarm clock. Yes it is an alarm clock and can wake you up, play radio, play music from your phone, but it does more! Gear4 uses your breathing pattern and movements throughout the night to track your sleep patterns. It calculates how long it takes you to fall asleep, when your in REM sleep, deep sleep, and when you wake up. It will calculate these and keep track of your sleep patterns and tell you how long you have slept. You can have it play music for when you fall asleep and when it notices you are asleep it will slowly turn off the music. If you set an alarm clock, you can set it for a period of an hour and it will wake you up sometime within that hour so you wake feeling refreshed!


Just a quick sneak peak for the next blog, we will be attending an even bigger vendor fair and I will be listing my top picks from this fair!!

PS: if you haven’t heard, Apple is having an event next week Tuesday to introduce new things, we can’t say what, but follow our Twitter feed for updates from the event that day!

Thanks for reading,


ASMC Conference Day 1

 Most people think that we are an Apple Store. The truth is we are just your standard local business that has a contract with Apple to be able to sell and service their product with high standards. We have been an Apple Specialist and selling Apple in Appleton for the past 33 years and have been apart of the ASMC group since it started in 2004. ASMC stands for Apple Specialist Marketing Cooperation and has over 160 members all over the US and Canada who are just like us!

ASMC puts on about two conferences a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Right now we are in Austin, Texas for the Fall 2012 ASMC Conference. The conferences are always on how to better your business. Whether it is financially, marketing, or managing. We had our first talk from John Spence who is a great speaker about how to manage your business and how to improve it!

At night we had a small vender fair that was hosted by one of our distributors called Ingram Micro. They had Belkin, STM, Adobe, 3M, and Apple there. Belkin has a new product out that is a neat addition for your home! The product is called WeMo, it uses your in-home Wi-Fi to have your iDevices control what you plug in to it. For example, they have the WeMo Switch where you plug it in to an outlet, plug a lamp in, and then you can turn that lamp on and off from anywhere in your house with your iDevice! They also have a motion sensor switch and are coming out with baby monitors and more!

STM is a company that sells cases for your computers and iDevices. They are a company we have not really dealt with in the past but with their fast release of new cases, they are becoming a possibility. For the iPhone 5, they had cases ready to be released the day Apple announced that the iPhone 5 was coming out! Same with an iPad Mini, if Apple does announce it, they have prototypes of cases for an iPad Mini to be ready for when Apple does announce it.

We then were served a wonderful dinner, with a great dessert, and had a keynote speaker who had a great story! His name is Billy McLaughlin and he is a guitar player who has been on the Billboard list and multiple record deals. His story is that he was diagnosed with Dystonia about 13 years ago and it turned his life completely upside down! Dystonia is a neurological disorder that took over the control of his playing hand which put his career to a fast halt. Instead of giving up, he decided to completely relearn the guitar but with his other hand! Last night he played his most popular songs using his left hand, and played the only song he can anymore with his right! His story is inspirational and his music is nothing short of it also!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what we do today! Little insight, we are going to see Apple’s service center today, and have over 40 venders to visit tonight! Also give me feedback, if I talk about something and your really interested in having us carry the product, please let me know and we can get it in for you. Your feedback helps us a lot!!