Summer Colors at Computer World

We can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of July – how does summer always fly by? Luckily, we have some bright summer accessories at Computer World to keep summer on your mind for the months ahead!

Spice up your computer or iPad with some colorful cases! These are just a few, but we have a wide variety of colors, styles and brands so you can pick your favorite.


iPad Smart Cases protect your iPad screen and can be used as a handy stand, shown below


We also have a wonderful colorful array of computer cases and sleeves, like these awesome Ecro-Prene Sleeves from Brenthaven!


To keep your computer screens clean and fresh, try our new Apple Juice cleaner! Made from our friends in Arizona, Apple Juice cleaner polishes and removes oils and stains from screens, and smells like real green apples! It smells so good, you may be tempted to lick your screen….


These products will freshen up your electronics and help you stay in summery bliss for months to come! Stop into Computer World soon to check them out!


Manually Join a Wireless Network

With a laptop and a few bucks in your pocket, nearly any coffee shop can be your remote office, thanks to wireless Internet access. Mac OS X is smart about wireless networks, asking if you want to join one when you’re in range if you’re not already connected. You can also choose a network manually, as follows.

  1. Click the AirPort icon in the menu bar.
  2. Choose a network to use; the icons to the right of the name indicate whether a network requires a password and show the signal strength.
  3. In the dialog that appears, enter the network password and click OK.

Hold down Option and click the AirPort menu bar icon to view a host of technical information about the networks, such as which protocols they use, transmit rates, and types of security employed.


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Differences Between The New MacBook and Older MacBook Models

Christina at Computer World shows you the differences between the new MacBook and the older MacBook models in this short video! Although the new MacBook has a slick new retina display, there are a few changes that you may want to be aware of before purchasing the new model (for example, it doesn’t have a CD drive, similar to the MacBook Air!)

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Huge Sale at Computer World!

We have a huge computer sale going on now at Computer World! Sales this huge don’t happen often, so we wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible. Save over $100 on previous computer models as well as demo model Apple computers – a great deal for back to school or to replace your older model! 


Summer Computer Tips!

Although we don’t like to think it, computers can be sensitive, especially to hot weather. To keep your computer (and your lap!) cool, try a computer fan like the Zefyr 2! We have them at Computer World and they work wonders!

Here’s a video of Christina demonstrating how easy the Zefyr 2 is to use! It’s the perfect computer accessory for a hot and sticky summer!

There’s Always Space On The Dashboard

Dashboard is automatically assigned a Space in Mission Control. If you like using Spaces (alternate Desktops) to control screen clutter, you might want Dashboard to relinquish its automatic assignment so that you can use that Space for something else.

You can uncheck the Show Dashboard as a Space option in the Mission Control preferences, but it won’t open up another Space. Even if you never use Dashboard, its Space is permanently reserved.