Keep Your Mac Awake for Remote Sharing


When you have Screen Sharing and File Sharing set up, you’re ready to travel the world, secure in the knowledge that your home Mac is just an Internet connection away. But what if your Mac goes to sleep while you’re away, or a brief power outage shut downs your Mac? It’s even possible (though unlikely) that Lion could crash, leaving you with a temporarily unavailable Mac.

Or would it?

Here’s how to make your Mac a little more resilient to these types of failures:

  1. Launch System Preferences.
  2. In the Hardware section, click the Energy Saver icon.
  3. When the Energy Saver preferences appear, make sure that the following boxes are checked:

-Wake for Ethernet Network Access (which will wake a sleeping Mac when you try to connect to it remotely)

– Start Up Automatically After a Power Failure

– Restart Automatically If the Computer Freezes

With these settings, your Mac’s connection should be fairly reliable (barring any unexpected occurrences, of course).

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How to Change iPad Screen Rotation Using the Audio Bar

In this weeks video tip, Christina from Computer World shows us how to change your iPad screen rotation using the audio bar . Computer World offers the best selection of Apple products in Appleton, Wisconsin. Computer World is also an Apple Specialist, and can fix issues with your Apple products.

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New Products At Computer World!

We’re excited about all the great new accessories we have at Computer World right now! Here are some of the highlights of our favorite things

BookArc Stand – Instantly turn your laptop into a desktop with the BookArc stand! besides taking up a fraction of the space, it also keeps your computer cool when watching movies, etc. It can also be used to store your keyboard when you’re using your laptop.


Griffin AirStrap: This gizmo makes it easy to use your iPad with one hand! It features a molded frame with thick, comfortable, contoured grips surrounds your iPad, protecting the edges without getting in the way of your controls or ports. The AirStrap hugs your hand, making your iPad easier to hold whether you’re reading in a coffee shop or checking out the headlines as you ride the 6:45 in to work


Acme Skinny Sleeve – Acme Made’s Skinny Sleeve for the MacBook Air uses a unique stretch-stitch seam to allow for ultra-thin fully padded protection. Even better, there’s also a sewn-in guard on both sides. The stylish elastic band ensures that your MacBook Air stays securely inside the sleeve to stay safe


These are just a few of the great accessories you’ll find at Computer World. Stop in and check them out soon!

Organize Launchpad Icons Into Folders – Christina’s Mac Tip of the Week!

Is the Launchpad area on your mac inconveniently crowded with icons? You can give your Launchpad icons more elbowroom by organizing them into folders that group the apps into related categories! This feature can restore the visual space in Launchpad, making your screen look less cluttered (and giving you less of a headache!). Follow these steps to de-clutter your desktop!

1. In Launchpad, find two icons that you want to group into a folder. For example, you might want to group Preview and Photo Booth.

2. Drag the icon for one of the apps onto the other icon. The destination icon turns into a dark colored square, and then a folder menu containing the destination icon opens beneath it. Launchpad automatically creates the folder and menu, assigning an appropriate name. In this example, Launchpad might create a folder called “Entertainment

3. Release the button to drop the icon into the folder.

4. Click the folder icon to go back to Launchpad’s main screen. Notice the square icon representing the new folder, located in the grid position formerly occupied by the destination icon.

5. Drag another icon onto the new folder icon and release it. Repeat this step for every application you want to include in the folder


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