Add Special Effects or Background Images to Photo Booth Snapshots or Movie

To include special effects or a background image in a Photo Booth photo or movie, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Effects button in Photo Booth.
  2. Click the arrow buttons on either side of the Effects button to scroll through Photo Booth’s four screens of effects until you find one you like.
  3. Click the visual effect or backdrop you want. If you selected a backdrop, move out of the frame as instructed until the background is detected.
  4. Create the snapshot or movie to which you want to apply the visual effect or backdrop.

To turn off an effect, choose Normal in any of the effects screens.

Tip: The fourth screen of effects is for your own backdrop images. Find an image you want to use as a backdrop; then drag it to one of the blank spaces on the fourth effects screen to add it to the backdrops available for use.


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AppleCare+ News!

Big news at Computer World this week! We’re excited to share that we will now be selling Apple Care+ for iPad!  Here’s the skinny on why AppleCare+ can be a good investment if you’re thinking of purchasing an iPad.

First, all iPad’s come with a 90 day warranty initially, but purchasing the additional Apple Care+ for $99 ensures that you’ll be covered for two years. The additional coverage includes one stop technical support, carry in repair (meaning you can bring it to us at Computer World and we can help you, or send it off to be fixed), Apple hardware coverage and software support.

Apple hardware coverage includes repair and replacement protection for your iPad, battery, USB cable and Airport device. If you’re weary about the possibility of dropping your iPad, Apple Care+ support may be the best idea for you. The plan includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage, which are each subject to a $49 service fee – much cheaper than buying a new one!

As for software support, the plan gives you access to the Apple experts line so you can ask questions concerning using iOS, iCloud, connecting to Wireless, and questions about features.

AppleCare+ must be purchased at the same time as an iPad in order to be valid, so make sure you consider purchasing it then for additional protection. If you’re interested, stop in and chat with Christina for more information!


Avoid this from happening with AppleCare+!

The Apple Specialists Convention in Minneapolis

Earlier in May, Christina and Larry attended the ASMC Apple Specialists conference in Minneapolis. It was a wonderful and informative weekend, but after sitting for 9 hours a day learning all about new Apple products and information, they were happy to be back to the store on Monday!

Although we can’t share too much about what happened at the conference (Apple likes to keep things a surprise!), we can share some cool new items that they discovered which we’re hoping to have in the store in the near future!

We learned about the wing stand for iPad and iPhone, which helps to make your Apple product a desktop device anywhere! It’s great for people who travel for work, or who are on the go!


Pretty cool, right?


We also got a sneak peak at some new computer sleeves from acme products that feel super sweet and are great for keeping your computer protected!


We also learned a bit more about some great backpacks from Timbuck2 Thule, and STM that we are looking at getting in some new bags in the future.


Christina’s new bag (going to conventions comes with some cool perks!)

Let us know what you think about these products, and if you’d be interested in having them in the store!